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Tailbone pain after birth: Causes and treatment

by Alivia Nyhan
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Pregnancy is a state that the vast majority of women dream of. It turns out to be, however, a very delicate state and is generally accompanied by special care to avoid complications, as well as ailments especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, among which we can particularly mention back pain or pain in the tailbone. . During pregnancy, women may feel concerned about the presence of this pain and even think that it may be something bad, but once they have given birth, it can still be present and can even become more intense.

There are several possible triggers for this characteristic pain in the tailbone, however, its ignorance makes many women wonder, Is it normal for your tailbone to hurt after childbirth? Next, this FastlyHealarticle will answer you about this very common question and we will also give you some recommendations to solve this problem.

Is it normal for your tailbone to hurt after childbirth?

First of all, we will start by answering your question by saying yes, it is normal for your tailbone to hurt after delivery , but this does not mean that it is good or that it is healthy.

Back pain radiating to the coccyx, called coccygodynia or coccydynia , turns out to be very normal during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, because the pregnant woman is subjected to a sudden increase in weight in the front part of her body , so the back is forced to bear a greater load to stay erect. This pain can continue after delivery and its appearance is still normal since at this point the body is in a process of recovering from the alterations it suffered during pregnancy and from the effort made during delivery, when the baby passes through the area. of the coccyx and can cause a dislocation.

You probably feel the presence of this pain when :

  • You are sitting, especially on a hard surface.
  • When you are standing for a long time or by touch in the area.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse or when you want to defecate.

I have given birth and my tailbone hurts: causes

Here are the most common causes of tailbone pain after childbirth:

  • Muscular effort : pain can appear due to muscular effort as a result of natural childbirth. The woman who is going to have a baby by natural means requires excessive effort and tension pushing for it to come out, this effort can generate some type of contracture in the lower back, reaching the coccyx and can be prolonged for several days after the Birth.
  • Coccyx dislocation : there are occasions in which during the effort produced by natural childbirth, the fetus manages to displace the coccyx, this is done by taking it backwards or by stretching and / or breaking the ligaments that join it to the sacrum. The displacement of the coccyx generates tension and intense pain after delivery in the area, which is more accentuated when the woman sits on a hard surface.
  • Joint alterations in the pelvis : it produces pain after childbirth, since during it the pelvis dilates to allow the fetus to exit, if there is any alteration such as an excessive dilation of the pelvis it can affect the joints located in the back part of the pelvis producing localized pain in the lower lumbar area, such as the coccyx and buttocks.

Recommendations to relieve coccyx pain from childbirth

There are a number of actions and tips that you can take to prevent and relieve this pain in the tailbone . Here we will explain some of these recommendations to lower it:

  • Using a horseshoe-shaped cushion relieves pain, since when sitting on hard surfaces, since you will not be sitting directly on the surface or leaning on the coccyx area.
  • Hot-cold therapy: This therapy is recommended to relieve pain in the tailbone after childbirth. The function of cold is to reduce the intensity of inflammation while heat helps to reduce inflammation that is already established. This also produces a feeling of relaxation, but it is important not to use higher or lower temperatures than are easily tolerable to avoid other injuries. especially burns.
  • Drugs : the use of analgesics relieves the pain of the coccyx from childbirth. However, it is recommended that everything be under the indication of a treating physician and only the use of specific drugs such as paracetamol . They must be analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs compatible with breastfeeding.
  • Rest : Rest and rest after delivery is one of the best ways to stop the pain. The discomfort generated disappears more quickly if the person stops making physical efforts.
  • Surgery : in advanced cases of coccyx pain after childbirth and that it does not remit with any of the recommendations mentioned above, surgical intervention will be indicated. In cases where there is coccyx dislocation after delivery, it may be the treatment indicated for most cases.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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