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The feet are one of those parts of the body that we do not pay as much attention to, unless there is a problem. Foot pain can be due to many causes, from improper footwear to some conditions in the area such as plantar fasciitis. It can also cause foot pain if we step badly or have too much curvature or, conversely, flat feet. To treat this pain it is best to go to the doctor so that, depending on the cause, apply a treatment although the pain is usually treated with analgesics or anti-inflammatories. However, as it is something more common than we think and can appear at any time of our life and at any time, in this FastlyHealarticle we leave you some home remedies to remove foot pain , a condition that can be very upset.

Prevent foot pain

The causes, as we have seen, are very numerous and there are some, such as poor foot formation (either flat or very curved foot), we will not be able to prevent them. However, we can follow a series of tips or indications to avoid foot pain, such as:

  • Wash them every day, but dry them very well so that infections such as fungi cannot occur.
  • Take care of the nails, do not cut them excessively and prevent them from getting stuck as they could become infected.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that are not too tight or too tight and alternate between flat and high heels. Avoid wearing shoes that are too flat constantly.
  • If you are overweight, try to take care of it and lose weight as it may be affecting your feet.
  • Exercising like walking or moving them from time to time.

The feet are the support of our body and although we have forgotten them we must not neglect them.

Salt and water bath

A good and also very common and simple remedy to relieve foot pain is a warm bath. Just as a bath can be very relaxing for us, our feet can and need to rest. Prepare a bowl or large container with warm water and add salt, if you can be fat. Soak them for a while, for example 20 or 30 minutes, keeping them relaxed.

This will promote blood circulation and help relax your feet. Once out of the water, dry them well with a towel, working on the area between the fingers to avoid the formation of fungus due to humidity.

After this relaxing bath you can massage them using a specific cream for feet or even some for pain. There are also some specific sprays that are relaxing and refreshing for the feet. These come in handy especially for making a hot and cold contrast that is great for blood circulation.

Cucumber cream for inflamed feet

Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties and will help us with pain and swelling if they are inflamed. It will also help to relax your feet. For this you have to prepare a cucumber cream, leaving it with the skin to take advantage of everything. Mash it or grind it with the grinder adding half a cup of water to make it liquid. It is better if the cucumber has been in the fridge because this way it will be cold and will calm your feet more, but you can always put the mixture in the fridge for a while.

Pour it into a deep container where your feet can fit and soak them for a while, massaging each one. You can also add this mixture to a basin of warm water and prepare an equally effective water and cucumber bath. Then rinse them and dry them very well.

This remedy is perfect for those times when you come home after a long day of hiking or after walking for a long time. The cucumber will help calm your feet and relax them and the cold will relax them as well.


Ginger is a natural remedy for pain and inflammation . It also favors the reactivation of circulation in our feet.

To prepare it you need grated ginger that you can buy or grate yourself at home. Put a liter and a half of water to boil and when it is boiling add the grated ginger . The amount is not exact, you can take into account that you see that it is not too much but you are not short. Let the ginger rest in the water for a while, 5 minutes will be enough. Then put the mixture in another container, for example a lever or bowl and let it warm. When the temperature has dropped a bit, which is not too hot but is still warm, put your feet in and let them soak for 20 minutes. Then take them out, dry them and your feet will be much more relaxed and less sore.

Apple cider vinegar and almond oil

Apple cider vinegar along with almond oil is a perfect combination to relax your feet. It consists of preparing another bath by adding these two ingredients. For this you need 125 ml of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of almond oil and half a cup or another 125 ml of water. Heat the water and add the apple cider vinegar and the tablespoon of almond oil. Then let it warm and soak your feet for about 20 minutes . After the bath your feet will be more relaxed than before.

Mint and eucalyptus

Peppermint has relaxing properties in addition to fighting heaviness and circulatory problems, and eucalyptus has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties . Therefore they are two good substances for foot pain.

You can prepare a bath with each of them or mix them. Use fresh mint leaves, whether or not essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. You can also perform a foot massage using these essential oils either directly or over water compresses.

Bottle massage

If your problem is plantar fasciitis, a good home remedy for this is to massage the area using bottles. With a small bottle of those that we have at home, you can massage the sole of the foot and relieve pain and stiffness. You can also use a soda can. The important thing is that the bottle or can is cold.

To do the massage you just place the bottle or the cold can on the floor and put your foot on it . They have to be filled with liquid or else they could crush and not work. With your foot on the bottle, move it back and forth so that the bottle acts as a roller. Another person can also do this massage by lying on your stomach.

In the following article we give you other remedies for plantar fasciitis .

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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