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Bichectomy: what is it, results and risks

by Alivia Nyhan
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Cosmetic surgery is an alternative that many men and women use to achieve their ideals in terms of physical appearance. There are many well-known procedures, such as rhinoplasty, otoplasty, implant placement, liposuction and many others, and with the passage of time cosmetic surgery procedures have become more and more common. There is a procedure that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its easy performance, quick recovery, and excellent results in terms of facial aesthetics.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we will talk about bichectomy: what it is, results and risks so that you can find out everything you want to know about this popular procedure in case you are considering doing it.

What is bichectomy

Bichectomy is a facial aesthetic treatment which consists of the removal of structures called adipose balls of Bichat , which consist of two fat compartments that are found inside each of the cheeks, very close to the muscles of the cheek. chewing.

The presence of the adipose ball of Bichat is not essential for the body since its function is scarce, being theoretically more useful during the first years because it can facilitate chewing and sucking of babies. Due to this and the aesthetic results that can be obtained, its removal has become popular in recent years.

What are the results of bichectomy

Bichectomy is indicated for those who seek to slim the contour of their face and, in general, it is recommended for people who, despite diet and exercise, still have a rounded face, making them appear more weight.

The elimination of the fat balls of Bichat results in a thinning of the lower third of the face, which also implies a greater projection of the cheekbones and a more elongated appearance of the face.

How is bichectomy performed

Bichectomy is a relatively simple procedure that is usually performed by cosmetic or maxillofacial surgeons. They are mostly performed under local anesthesia , although it can also be performed under sedation.

The approach is given from inside the mouth. The surgeon will make a small cut on the inside of the cheek in the area close to where the adipose ball is usually located, and once it is located, he will slowly pull it until its extraction is complete and then suture the wound. It is a quick procedure that hardly takes more than an hour to complete.

The recovery can take up to 14 days , depending on the response of each person. The inflammation after the procedure, although it can be somewhat striking, is perfectly normal, although as a result of it the results of the procedure cannot be seen until after a few days. During the first three days a soft and cold diet is recommended, physical effort and going out in the sun should be avoided to avoid bleeding.

What are the complications of bichectomy

Although it is a simple procedure, like any other surgery there is a possibility that some complication will occur. Perhaps the most common is dissatisfaction with the results , since many times the procedure may not be suitable for those who are not an appropriate procedure due to their facial characteristics.

Facial features can also cause certain people to have, over time, an appearance of premature aging or skeletonization of the face. This is why patients should go to surgeons who have a lot of experience with this procedure.

Other less common consequences are those involved in the surgical procedure as such. Due to the proximity of the Bichat fat balls to various anatomical structures, there is a certain risk of injuring them, producing important complications, such as facial paralysis and facial pain when the facial nerve is injured, a hemorrhage due to damage to the facial artery, or an alteration in the secretion of saliva by injuring the excretory duct of one of the major salivary glands, called the parotid. However, in the hands of experienced doctors in this procedure, the risk of these complications occurring is extremely low.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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