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Home remedies for sea urchin wound

by Alivia Nyhan
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“In the sea, life is tastier,” said those who had the misfortune to run into a sea urchin. And it is that hedgehogs, although they are part of the less aggressive marine animals, are responsible for causing excruciating wounds, to the point that it is enough to step on them to have their spines buried in our bodies.

Sea urchins are poisonous, so any injury or sting caused by these animals must be treated promptly to avoid complications and prevent the wound from becoming infected. Urchins are part of most of the rocky surfaces found in the sea, so identifying them is not easy since their dark color makes them often camouflaged among the stones. So when a swimmer is enjoying the sea and accidentally steps on a hedgehog, what should we do? Find out in this FastlyHealarticle where you can learn about some home remedies for sea urchin wounds.

Sea urchin wounds

The sea urchin is a reasonably clever animal; it hides in stones, dangerous thorns protect its body, and it has two ways of defending itself: stabbing its spines to cause a severe wound or using its pedicellars, tiny organs. In the form of a clamp that allows it to grasp. The most severe problem of a hedgehog is found precisely in pedicellars since they are the ones that release the poison when the hedgehog decides that it is time to attack, and, of course, it is preferable to stick the thorn than to become infected with the poison.

What are sea urchin wounds like? The scars caused by these marine animals can be described in one word: deep. Not only because of the burial of the thorn, but because when the hedgehog attacks with pedicellars, it is almost impossible for the thorn not to penetrate the skin, so, of all of them, the wound will always be profound. In addition, these injuries are also characterized by causing inflammation, redness, bleeding, punctures, pain, paralysis, and respiratory failure, so it is essential to treat them immediately. How? Let’s see!

How to treat a sea urchin wound

  1. Hot water. The first thing to do: is immediately immersed the lesion in boiling water, at least 40 degrees, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. This is the best way to relieve pain in cases of sea urchin sting, so if the discomfort persists, do not hesitate to submerge the wound in hot water as many times as necessary before reaching the emergency center.
  2. Tweezers . With the help of tweezers, it can be removed eyebrows to remove all the thorns that may have been buried in the affected area.
  3. Shave . If the hedgehog is attacked with pedicels, it is also necessary to eliminate them since they have poison. To get rid of them, apply a little shaving cream or fresh soapy water to the wound and scrape with a careful blade.
  4. Disinfects. Wash the wound with soap and fresh water and apply an antiseptic to prevent the injury from becoming infected. Do not protect the damage with anything; let it rest in the open air.
  5. Infection. If you notice that the wound is infected, inflamed, and red, apply an antibiotic cream immediately to the emergency room.

These types of wounds, like those of the spider fish, should only be treated with boiling water, even as hot as the person can bear. Both sea urchins and spider fish are poisonous marine animals, and heat is the only helpful resource to remove the poison from the body altogether. For this reason, the application of hot water should be made immediately to prevent the poison from taking effect.

Home remedies for sea urchin wound: to reduce inflammation

If the wound is still inflamed and the pain is bothering, immerse the damage in a container with hot water and laundry soap in panela. This soap has the property of helping to deflate wounds, and together with heat, it will relieve pain and dissolve any thorn that has remained inside the damage that we have not been able to extract.

Ideally, keep the wound soaked for an hour for the best results. If you feel that the water has cooled, heat another little and add it so that the bath always stays warm. Heat is key to alleviating pain in these wounds, which are usually deep and stabbing.

Hot Vinegar

Due to its acidity, Vinegar eliminates any bacteria that may be in all types of wounds; it also helps reduce inflammation. To use them as a home remedy for sea urchin wounds, you should add two cups of Vinegar to a liter of hot water. Submerge the wound and let it rest for at least 40 minutes so that the injury is correctly disinfected while the heat decreases the pain.

These vinegar baths can be done three times a day or if you notice that the wound is changing and has symptoms of infection. You can also add baking soda to this bath, which will help disintegrate any remaining spines and soothe pain and disinfect the wound.

Towel with Vinegar

When sleeping with a hedgehog wound, it is crucial not to cover the injury and make sure that it does not come into contact with anything that could irritate or infect it. For this, lie down on the bed and if, for example, the wound was on the sole, place your foot on a pillow or blanket so that it is high. Then, place a wet towel with Vinegar near the wound; it can be around the foot without covering the injury, and keep that position throughout the night.

The wet vinegar towel will be of great help to prevent any microbes or bacteria that may be in bed, in the air, or the room, from infecting the wound and complicating its recovery. The next day, remove the towel and apply some antiseptic cream instead.

Is the sea urchin wound infected?

If the wound looks very red, is more swollen, has pus, the person has a fever, and their lymph nodes are swollen, there is no question that the lesion is infected. In these cases, it is essential to remember that injuries from sea urchins, for the most part, are harmless, but the venom of these animals can complicate the injury. Therefore, in cases of infection or some critical change in the damage or the person’s breathing, you should go immediately to the emergency room.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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