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Fungi in the testicles: causes and treatment

by Alivia Nyhan
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Many men suffer from fungus in the testicles, although properly speaking, it is not in the testicles but in the rough skin surrounding them called the scrotum. This condition can have different causes. This alteration is usually known as candidiasis due to the infection caused by the fungus called Candida. However, other similar disorders, such as jock itch, also known as strand marginal eczema, also produces fungi or yeast in this part of the body. Men’s body. For the above, it is essential to carry out a medical consultation in the presence of any alteration to achieve a diagnosis and treatment indicated for each person.

Fungi generally appear on various membranes even though the patient has an immune system in excellent condition. As there are multiple disorders, in the following FastlyHealarticle, we offer you all the information about fungus in the testicles: causes and treatment.

Male genital fungi: causes

One of the most common causes of fungus in the testicles is a yeast infection, which originates from an infection with the fungus Candida albicans. Although many people consider this a woman’s pathology, this is not correct since many men can suffer from it. This fungus is usually found in the body but in small quantities. This condition can be contracted by sexual transmission, by being in contact with a vagina or anus infected by the Candida fungus, by an increase in the levels of yeast found in the body, there is an excess of carbohydrates and sugars in the body or by the weakness of the immune system.

The infection known as jock itch can also be one of the causes of fungus in the testicles, although the professional term used for this disorder is tinea cruris or Ringworm of the groin. This alteration is present when a fungus or yeast proliferates, primarily by Trichophyton rubrum, and then begins to spread in the groin part, being very frequent in adult men and adolescents, mainly if they suffer from athlete’s foot or some other type of Ringworm, since these fungi can spread to other areas of the body that are humid and warm to reproduce; however, they can also be spread by direct skin contact or through unwashed underwear from an infected person.

Male genital fungi: symptoms

If the fungus in the testicles corresponds to male candidiasis, the patient may suffer from symptoms such as:

  • Redness in the area.
  • Swelling.
  • Itching
  • Ardor.

In short, annoyances that are important to eliminate as soon as possible. Observed that white patches, similar to those presented in oral candidiasis, can also be frequent, and experiencing itching or burning in the area after having sex also indicates this fungus in men. Also, patients may experience :

  • Wounds
  • Ulcers.
  • Blisters
  • Secretions
  • Peeling of the affected skin.

On the other hand, if a Ringworm of the groin causes the cause of fungus in the male genitalia, the man may experience symptoms in which itching and discomfort are experienced in the affected area. You can also see red patches that could cause blisters and ooze; the skin can become darker or lighter with the possibility that this color change is permanent. These symptoms can spread to the anal area but do not usually affect the penis.

Candidiasis in men: treatment

For male genital candidiasis, you can decide between different treatments depending on each person and the symptoms that the patient is suffering. The doctor may choose to prescribe :

  • Oral drugs.
  • Creams to apply topically.
  • Use of antifungal agents to soothe the itch while helping to eliminate fungus in the area.

On the other hand, it is necessary for the man with candidiasis to clean the damaged area well and keep it dry. However, in difficult situations, the professional will probably be inclined to intravenous treatment.

For those patients who have fungus in the testicles caused by tinea cruris, the treatment will be primarily personal care for a few weeks. That is, the man should keep the skin in the groin area dry and clean, should not wear underwear that irritates or is so tight that they rub the infected area, and apply antifungal powders or dryers to improve symptoms and calm the infection; however, if the symptoms persist for more than two weeks, the doctor may recommend the use of antifungal medications or antibiotics to treat the disease caused by fungi.

Prevention measures against fungus in the scrotum

Due to the symptoms and sensitivity of the testicles due to their location, suffering from a fungal infection in this area represents a painful and even embarrassing condition since many men do not readily admit that they have problems in their genitals and do not usually go to a medical check-up. However, avoiding or reducing the probability of getting a yeast infection in the testicles is possible by following some precautions, including:

  • Keep the testicles, as well as the groin area, clean and dry. It is essential to dry the area well with a clean towel after bathing or if you practice water sports regularly.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing; it should not be tight or rough in texture, allowing movement and avoiding friction against the skin. The underwear has to be cotton.
  • Avoid staying in wet clothing for a long time in the male genital area, for example, bathing suits.
  • Do not use other people’s clothing or towels, especially if they have not been adequately washed.
  • Control excessive perspiration, as it provides the right conditions for reproducing the fungus.
  • Wash and keep dry clothes or accessories used in sports activities frequently if they are done constantly, for example, jockstraps.
  • Use powders or other antifungal products if you have a predisposition to fungal diseases in the body.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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