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Why is my hair not growing in pregnancy?

by Alivia Nyhan
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If you are pregnant or have been, you will have noticed that many changes at the body level occur. It is no longer just the change in the size of your body, especially your belly, but many other little things change in your body. Maybe you see your skin. Differently, you see that your nails grow very fast or notice that your hair growth has stagnated.

All the situations explained above are real, but today, in this FastlyHealarticle, we will try to answer the following question: Why don’t I get hair during pregnancy? Keep reading and we’ll explain it to you!

Why is my hair not growing during pregnancy?

The leading cause why your body hair or hair does not come out during pregnancy is all the hormonal changes that you experience throughout the baby’s gestation process. In the case of breastfeeding, they can be maintained over time until they stop breastfeeding.

In most cases, hair grows more abundantly during pregnancy due to an increase in estrogen and progesterone, a male hormone that enhances hair growth. But many women experience the opposite situation; both their body hair and their hair stop growing or appearing, which, at times, can generate some discomfort because we think that perhaps we have become ill. Well, it is not like that; it simply happens due to a hormonal imbalance due to an increase in progesterone that, in your case, does not increase the amount of hair but rather eliminates it.

If your hair is also undergoing changes due to pregnancy and you are suffering from its loss and loss very quickly, you should not worry as it is a normal process. Even so, in the case that aesthetically it causes you discomfort, we advise you to visit your doctor so that he can recommend which is the best option to carry out in your case; perhaps a nutritional supplement will be worth or a small pharmacological process that does not involve the health of your baby.

Once the light is given, it is customary to return to the parameters before becoming pregnant, and the hair levels go back to what they were before.

Pregnant, and my hair is not growing: care.

If you are suffering from this situation, we want to recommend several cares so that you can perform safely and your hair grows more during pregnancy :

  • Maintain a healthy diet and varied foods rich in Vitamin D.
  • Drink a liter and a half of water daily to maintain proper hydration
  • Wash your hair and body with pH-neutral shampoos without aromas since having more sensitive skin and hair can lead to an irritation situation that could even magnify the hair loss.
  • Do not blow-dry hair with hot air. You can use the dryer after washing but place it away from your scalp and do not use the desirable air option as it will be more aggressive for your hair and can damage the scalp.
  • Avoid using hair straightening irons or curling devices. Keeping the heat away from our hair can help us keep it healthier and not damage it.
  • Do not use products with chemical components for the skin or hair, as they can react so that we lose even more hair or hair.

Physical changes during pregnancy

In FastlyHealyou will find many articles related to changes in your body, such as dermatitis or nausea during pregnancy. We want to tell you about some of the most frequent physical body changes and some common ailments about which you can find information on this website, FastlyHeal :

  • V arises during pregnancy: it is widespread in our legs appears varicose veins and small blood vessels rupture, leaving bruises on the skin.
  • Due to its enlargement, body stretch marks in the chest, hips, and belly areas.
  • Itchy skin during pregnancy: as it widens and needs to be highly hydrated. It stings because it is more stretched and with more pressure than usual.
  • Genital warts: a condition that many women have suffered during pregnancy and can be very painful and annoying.
  • Toothaches or tooth pain: another aspect that many women report having suffered throughout their pregnancy because our body suffers from some decalcification, and it can be noticed in our teeth.

We hope that this article by FastlyHealon why I don’t get hair in pregnancy has been helpful for you to learn more about this new situation.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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