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Why do my eyes sting when I put on contact lenses

by Alivia Nyhan
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Contact lenses are becoming more and more common in people who suffer from visual problems and require help to see correctly. Many people consider them more comfortable, easier to put on, and discreet. They are a wise option among those who suffer some visual alteration. However, not everyone feels this comfort at all times.

Although factors can significantly influence the comfort, you feel when using them, it also depends exclusively on each person. Keeping them in the proper condition, adequately adjusted, and placing drops prescribed by the specialist if necessary, can ensure a lot of comfort in many patients with visual disorders. Despite this, it may not be this way for everyone, and you wonder why my eyes sting when I put on contact lenses. To know this answer and get more information, you can read the following article from FastlyHeal.

Eyes irritated by dirty or contaminated lenses

Contact lenses require a strict cleaning and disinfection routine to prevent an external agent from causing infections or symptoms such as burning or other more severe symptoms if it is in poor condition.

Over time, a dust build-up can occur despite cleaning the lenses properly, which could affect a little the oxygen that the lens allows to enter the orbital cavity. In these cases, irritated and stinging eyes can be observed.

Stinging eyes with contact lenses due to allergies

One of the most affected organs in people who suffer from various allergies is the eyes. It does not matter if it is an allergy to dust, animal hair, pollen, or similar; the eyes will always be involved in this type of alteration, which will be more annoying and uncomfortable if the patient uses this type of lens.

Likewise, these particles that cause allergies may stick to the lenses, and when they are placed, they cause swelling in the eyes, which turn red and have an itchy sensation that can be very common in the symptoms caused by allergies.

Sensitivity to liquids used for contact lenses

The cleaning and disinfection process that must be done to the lenses regularly and rigorously is essential to use them with peace of mind and without generating any discomfort. However, certain people may be sensitive to the fluids used in this process.

Sensitivity to this product can be one of the answers when you wonder why my eyes sting when I put on contact lenses, even when it is a liquid that has already been used before. It is essential to discard this option by changing the product and consult a specialist if this discomfort occurs frequently.

Dry eyes, a cause of stinging when inserting contact lenses

Many people who wear contact lenses suffer from what is known as dry eyes or dry eyes; that is, the eye cannot produce enough tears or evaporate quickly. This condition can appear due to different factors, such as the regular use of contact lenses, and it can cause various eye discomforts that need to be treated to eliminate.

In the symptoms of dry eyes, the burning sensation stands out. However, it may also present watery, red eyes or have the permanent effect of feeling that there is something inside the eye that causes discomfort. It may be necessary to apply specific drops to keep the eyes moisturized, mainly if the use of contact lenses is chronic, and it is recommended that a specialist indicates the best product.

Other common problems with wearing contact lenses

Although feeling stinging in the eyes when putting on contact lenses is one of the most frequent adverse effects, mainly in the first days of using them due to not being used to them, other annoying symptoms can occur regardless if you wear little or a lot of time using them. Before them, it is essential to go to a specialist to relieve them if they occur frequently. Some of these problems are:

  • You feel discomfort at the end of the day and when removing the lenses.
  • That there is a dry eye with the use of them.
  • Feeling discomfort when wearing contact lenses, their presence can be felt inside the eye.
  • Pain, red eyes, and eye swelling.

This article is merely informative; at FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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