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Why do I smell when I shower everyday?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Smell bad if I bathe daily

The skin is one of the body’s cleansing organs. The body secretes substances through the sweat glands (responsible for sweat) and apocrine glands (sweat in the groin, armpits, and chest). That is why there is a link between secretions and what the body needs to clean.

Suppose you wonder why you have a foul body odor, despite maintaining good hygiene. In that case, it probably has an explanation: whether it be certain diseases linked to bad habits in which there is a cluster of toxins (such as diabetes), specific drugs, stressful situations, type of body constitution, and even some genetic diseases may be responsible for suffering from this problem.

If you wonder, ” why do I smell bad if I bathe every day, “then this article from FastlyHealwill interests you.

Eliminate toxins from the body

Our body is sage and uses many ways to maintain its health. One of them is body cleansing. All those substances that we incorporate through food or cosmetics can be valuable and nutritious, but there are also wastes to eliminate.

The kidneys, liver, and skin are responsible for eliminating what we do not need. Prominent is the work of the skin: pimples, seborrhea, sweat, and odor are forms of cleaning. Therefore, rethinking your habits has a fundamental role in reducing the foul body odor you expel.

Some of these bad habits can generate toxins in the body that are difficult to eliminate:

  • The processed foods are filled with substances that the body does not need: sweeteners, preservatives, colorants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and toxic to be removed in some way.
  • Excess meat, dairy, sugar, and flour also create waste.
  • Snuff and alcohol are also bad habits.

When they cannot be eliminated, they accumulate in different tissues, generate inflammation, and prevent the body from functioning normally. This is how many diseases appear.


One food that helps the skin in its cleansing task is garlic. As long as you consume garlic and have a lot to get out, you will have a smell. But if along with consuming garlic, you eat healthier, there will come a time when you come into balance. It is not the garlic that gives the smell. It is everything that it helps to eliminate.

Therefore, if your skin has an awful smell, it is likely that you are doing an excessive job to remove everything that does not do you good. Or some nutrients such as magnesium are missing, which is key to maintaining many bodily functions, including reducing body odor.

You have two options: continue with your bad habits and the smell or change them and make your body spend less energy cleaning. That way, your metabolism and body functions are more likely to function normally. You will stay healthier, which will improve your quality of life.



In medical practice, bromhidrosis is a health problem with a lousy body odor despite maintaining regular hygiene. That is why you ask yourself, “why do I smell bad if I bathe daily.” It is suggested that people secrete more substances through their apocrine glands (those located in the armpits and groin especially and that help secretion through the skin).

But something that is not taken into account when treating bromhidrosis is what we talked about previously: habits. Bromhidrosis, or body odor, can also be directly related to some diseases:


Suggested treatments include:

  • Germicidal soap washes: they prevent the body’s secretions from mixing with the body’s bacteria, which are ultimately the ones that break down the substances that your body removes and give you a bad smell.
  • Antibiotic creams: with the same objective of eliminating the bacteria that generally must live on the skin (own flora) and that must protect your skin from opportunistic infections.
  • Waxing: it is suggested that there will be less accumulation of secretions if there is less hair. Therefore, there will be less sweat in the groin and armpits if you epilate them.

But have you ever thought about your habits or your body constitution? Why do you and your brother, for example, have the same eating habits, and you have a foul smell, and he doesn’t? Perhaps the section that follows is your case.


Why do I have a bad smell even if I eat well?

Some people are more likely to use their skin as a cleansing organ than the liver or kidneys. So it is more likely that what needs to be removed is through the skin. These are usually people with a lot of energy and, in these cases, it is crucial to determine if you eat well.


These tips can help you stop asking yourself, “why do I smell bad if I bathe daily and eat well?”

  • Consume a sufficient amount of water (away from meals).
  • The diet is balanced: have whole grains, healthy proteins (legumes, seeds), fruits, and vegetables.
  • Avoid processed products.
  • Preferably eat cold foods such as coconut, pumpkin, banana, olives.
  • Avoid hot ones: pineapple, fermented, excess salt, spicy, fish, chicken, coffee, black tea, alcohol.
  • Incorporate foods with healthy oils: avocados, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil.
  • Wear loose and fresh clothes suitable for the activity you will be doing.

On the other hand, try to identify what you have been eating, drinking, or doing on the days that you have the worst smell. This can give you a clue of what helps you fight it and what doesn’t.

Bad smell even if I eat well

Bad odor from stress

More and more studies show a link between emotions and health. Perhaps you are going through unhealthy situations for your mind and body, under excessive pressure, and have some disagreement or confrontation with the leading life. This can put your body on permanent alert. It’s a knee-jerk reaction: your adrenaline rises, and you’re ready to fight or flight.

This is healthy and expected in a specific situation that puts your life at risk. But it is disturbing and unhealthy that this is your “normal” state. The body cannot typically withstand so much stress.

One of the ways to express it is through increased perspiration or perspiration with odor. Perhaps your body tells you what your mind cannot or wants to see. If you think this is your case, it can be an excellent opportunity to rethink your habits, what is good for you and what is not.

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Some medications

As we have seen, the skin has the function of protecting internal organs and helping in the purification of substances. Some drugs can be removed more quickly through the skin than elsewhere. So if you are consuming them, it is expected that you smell worse than at other times in your life.

Among the drugs that can cause this effect are, for example:

  • Antidepressants.
  • Bromides.
  • Penicillin.

While the treatment lasts, you may continue with these discomforts. If you think it is unsustainable, you can talk to the professional who indicated them to see another alternative.

Body odor by genetics

This type of problem is usually detected in childhood due to diseases that cause body odor. This is the case of conditions in which substances accumulate in the body, such as:

  • Hypermethioninemia.
  • The phenylketonuria.
  • La trimethylaminuria.

If you notice this problem from adolescence, it is probably not your case.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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