Why do I see flashes?

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Many people claim that they see stars or flashes , without knowing that this symptom may be the cause of an eye disease. This is because there are generally no warning signs or symptoms, or it is taken for granted that visual impairment is entirely natural over the years.

Therefore, it is recommended to visit the ophthalmologist once a year to monitor yourself, since early detection of eye pathologies and proper treatment can prevent various diseases. There are numerous eye problems but, this time at FastlyHealwe will explain the most frequent causes of why you see flashes .

Tear or detachment of the retina

Detachment or tearing of the retina can occur at any age , although it usually occurs in middle-aged or elderly people. It is usually more common in patients with myopia problems, but it is also possible that it occurs due to a strong blow to the eye .

The symptoms of this condition are:

  • Increased ability to see floating spots.
  • See flashes frequently.
  • Shadows in the lateral field of vision.
  • Perceive a kind of gray curtain moving in the center of the eye.
  • Decreased vision

In the face of this condition, immediate treatment is essential, since it can leave permanent deterioration or loss of vision.

Ocular migraine

Ocular migraine is another of the conditions for which you see flashes, it is common that it lasts for a few minutes and does not cause changes in the general vision. Also known as visual migraines, it usually occurs in both eyes and is sometimes the precursor to a severe headache .

The symptoms of this condition are characterized by the appearance of a blind spot usually in the center of the eye, the visualization of bright lights or a zigzag blinking. The discomfort can last a few minutes or extend for up to half an hour. It is essential to go to the ophthalmologist , especially if the vision is lost with the flashes.

Vitreous detachment

The vitreous cavity, located inside the human eye, is filled with a collagen gel called vitreous, which is made up of small fibers that join the vitreous with the retina. Over the years this gel can shrink and separate from the retina, which also causes sparkles to be seen , mainly at the ends of the eyes. In some cases, detachment of the vitreous can cause changes in vision, so it is very important to always consult a specialist.

Tips to reduce eye flare

Although it is advisable to always go to the ophthalmologist , there are certain natural alternatives that reinforce the traditional treatment or help prevent glare.

  • Herbal infusions

There are two plants that can help reduce glare. The first is hawthorn , as it improves circulation and lowers blood pressure, which leads to a greater supply of antioxidants to the eye, improving vision and recovering eye tissue. It should be prepared with a tablespoon of hawthorn leaves and drunk twice a day. The second plant is mistletoe , which has stress-reducing properties. Make the infusion with a tablespoon of the dried plant per cup of water and drink it twice every day to reduce the sparkles in the eyes.

  • You have to

It contains vitamin C, combined with its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to eliminate fluids, so it is ideal to eat blackberries every day to improve or prevent this eye disorder.

  • Blueberries

Rich in flavonoids, which provides antioxidants that help reduce glare and improve other eye diseases such as myopia. You can consume this plant in capsules as directed by the specialist.

  • Omega 3

Helps the conformation of cell membranes. It is recommended, mainly fish oil, although it can also be ingested in foods such as olive oil, nuts or oily fish.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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