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Why do my ears burn and turn red

by Alivia Nyhan
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Probably, you have felt at some point you have seen your ears red and with a burning sensation, even hot. The reason this occurs is due to an expansion of the blood vessels found in the ear and this results in increased blood circulation in the area. This abrupt increase in blood flow, in turn, increases the temperature of the area and is what generates the redness and burning sensation due to the heat emitted. However, the reason why this occurs is not unique, but is due to multiple factors that can generate its triggering. You are probably wondering: why do my ears burn and turn red? In this FastlyHealarticle, we will answer this question so that you are prepared and know the reasons.

Burning ears from stress and anxiety

Both stress and anxiety can trigger the ears to turn red and cause a burning sensation. This is because in both situations blood flow increases in the face and, therefore, the areas that comprise it, such as the ears, become red and this in turn produces an increase in temperature, so that the ears burn.

If you are a person who is stressed or suffering from anxiety, you can practice relaxation techniques to control these sensations. For example, practicing yoga will help you manage stress and anxiety and once you manage to control it, you will prevent your ears from burning and turning red. In the following article, you can see good tips to reduce stress .

Poisoning or allergy

Some allergic reactions to certain products can cause this sensation. It has been shown that people with allergies to metal or a similar object can feel a burning in the ears and, at the same time, they turn red. For example, a person who wears an earring that is made of metal may experience allergic reactions. This not only causes the ear to burn, but can also lead to infections. Other people also have the habit of scratching the area with an object and this generates the same reaction.

We recommend that you avoid using objects that have already been shown to cause an allergy or if you suspect that they could cause such a reaction. Likewise, you should preferably use swabs to clean the ear if it itches and if you have an infection, go to the doctor to prescribe what you need.

In addition, some products react differently in a percentage of people and one of the adverse effects they can cause is red and hot ears. Other studies have shown that in some people alcohol intake also triggers this reaction . You probably need to stop eating foods that have caused you an allergy and, likewise, take certain drugs such as antihistamines if the allergic reaction has advanced.

Strong emotions

It has been described that certain feelings such as anger, humiliation and shame , can produce this sign. You have probably observed at some point that in certain people that when they are upset and cannot express what they feel, you will notice that their ears turn red and they will probably feel the burning in them. Likewise, people who feel humiliated will present this response, due to the same vasodilation of blood flow . Many times you need to express what you feel and with this, you probably prevent this from happening.


Some medications such as those used to control hypertension generate this response, and this is because they are indicated to produce a vasodilation of blood vessels that are contracted and cause an increase in blood pressure, this is sometimes known as red ear syndrome. Likewise, in some hypertensive people it is observed that when their tension rises they have this same reaction. It is important that the first time you present this you communicate it to your cardiologist and he will tell you the procedure you should follow, although in many cases it is a normal reaction.

Changes in temperature

External temperature changes can significantly affect the ears, which burn and turn red. For example, those people who spend a long time exposed to the sun or in those cases where the temperature is very low , for example cold areas produce this sign, and this is because the blood, which is rich in oxygen, flows through the surface of the skin, as a consequence of vasodilation generated by changes in temperature, creating a sensation of heat and redness.

Arterial hypertension

Remember that high blood pressure is an increase in pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries. It triggers a series of symptoms such as headaches, red eyes, heat on the face and redness of the ears. Burning due to heat and redness of the ears are characteristic signs of an increase in blood pressure, so we recommend that if you are prone or hypertensive and present these symptoms, monitor your blood pressure, because you probably have elevated blood pressure and you require medical assistance.

Peripheral neuropathy

The peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects the peripheral nerves . They are the ones that carry information to the brain and signals from the spinal cord to the body and vice versa. It is a very common pathology and the most common cause of this condition is diabetes and is due to high blood sugar levels, which can cause damage at the same time. However, there are inherited neuropathies. Manifestations are generally observed in the extremities, especially that of the feet and other symptoms such as a burning sensation and burning in the ears.

Why do ears get hot: other causes

hormonal problem or imbalance is another possible reason why the ears may turn red. These signs are more common in pregnant women and are due to the same hormonal imbalance. However, if you are pregnant, this is not a factor for which you should be alarmed, since it is considered a totally normal reaction.

If you have observed that these signs appear when tilting your head a lot , you should know that it is considered normal. This is due to the blood flow which is directed in only one direction, so the face flushes and there is increased heat.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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