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What should you not eat on an empty stomach?

by Alivia Nyhan
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What do you have for breakfast in the morning? You may not be aware, but certain foods are not beneficial for our body if we eat them on an empty stomach, but quite the opposite. Most likely, you have not stopped to think about whether what you eat in the morning is the right thing to do, or maybe it is, but you don’t know what foods you should avoid. Some foods hinder our digestion or can even cause damage to some organs if we take them on an empty stomach, and to your amazement, they are not fatty foods such as eggs, which, for their part, are recommended. If you want to know more about what foods you should eat for breakfast or how to improve your body at breakfast, in this FastlyHealarticle, we will talk about ten foods that you should not eat on an empty stomach.

Sour dairy

No, we are not talking about milk, a sweet dairy. We are talking about sour dairy, that is, those obtained by fermenting it or coagulating it, such as yogurt, cheese, or curd. It may surprise you since many people have yogurt with fruit for breakfast or bread with cheese.

It is not good to eat yogurt or other sour dairy products on an empty stomach because the hydrochloric acid in our gut that acts on bacteria benefits these foods nil. In yogurt, the milk has been fermented with bacteria, and the lactose is transformed into lactic acid. Therefore, yogurt contains live bacteria or probiotics that are beneficial for our bodies. The problem is that when they reach the stomach, the hydrochloric acid that our digestive system secretes works by eliminating the bacteria it finds.

And therefore, yogurt or other sour dairy does not provide the benefits. The same does not happen with milk, which, as it has not been fermented, does not contain these bacteria.

You can take the yogurt once you have eaten other foods since the stomach will be complete and return to its function. Therefore, it is good at any time except for breakfast.

Bread made with yeast.

And not just bread, because any bun you eat that contains yeast can be harmful to your body if you eat it on an empty stomach. For example, industrial pastries contain yeast in addition to having saturated fat.

Yeast is a ferment in itself, and by acting with other substances, it also causes its fermentation. When we eat yeast on an empty stomach, no matter how much it is in small quantities and inside a bun or bread, what happens is that it irritates the walls of the stomach, and this can cause gas.

That is why any bun, whether industrial or not, bread or food that contains yeast is best left for lunch or a snack. You can substitute it at breakfast for whole wheat unleavened bread.


It may seem surprising that something as healthy as a tomato is harmful to our health, but on an empty stomach, it is. If you had bread with tomato for breakfast, either crushed or sliced, you have to stop doing it because you could be damaging your stomach. We are talking about any tomato since even though it is fried tomato, it contains natural tomato in its composition.

Tomatoes are a very acidic food with a high amount of tannic acid that, together with gastric juice, can cause heartburn or even gastric ulcers.


Bananas are rich in magnesium, and many people take them for their many benefits, such as energy supply. However, taking a banana on an empty stomach causes the body to absorb this mineral too quickly, making the heart work harder and over-exert itself.

In addition, too much magnesium in our blood can cause arrhythmias or cardiovascular problems.


Pears are rich in fibers, and if you eat them with the peel, the contribution will be even more significant. However, this fiber intake on an empty stomach can irritate the stomach lining. Some foods are less optimal at breakfast because the fasting stomach secretes acids that can act with food.

You can substitute the pear for other fruits such as watermelon or blueberries that are beneficial on an empty stomach. If you want to eat fiber, the best option is oatmeal.


Oddly enough, citrus fruits for breakfast are not the best option. Not even the orange juice on an empty stomach that we usually drink so much. The reason is that being so acidic; can cause damage to the gut, such as gastritis, heartburn, or the so-called sensation of acidity or even ulcers.

If what you drink is a concentrated juice from those bought in the supermarket, it is even worse since these juices contain many sugars, increasing the production of insulin in the body. Fasting sugar is the worst food of all that you can eat.

Green vegetables

Although vegetables are a food option considered healthy, eating them on an empty stomach is not the best option, it is better to leave them for lunch. The green juice detox is now very fashionable, but you have to see if they are healthy for breakfast. If you are one of the people who take these shakes for breakfast, we recommend that you leave them for another time.

When you make a shake of these, you are using raw vegetables, and raw green vegetables on an empty stomach cause gas and discomfort in the stomach, in addition to causing a burning sensation. Therefore, if you are going to prepare a smoothie, it is better to avoid these vegetables, such as cucumber.


It is not usually widespread to have spicy foods for breakfast, but it may be your case. If so, you should know that spices taken on an empty stomach irritate the gastric mucosa, which is a lining that the stomach walls have to protect it and prevent acidity. If this mucosa becomes irritated, it can cause burning and heartburn.

Also, spices increase gastric juices’ formation, which can cause stomach problems. When there is too much gastric juice in the stomach, it can rise into the esophagus producing erosions, and this can cause dyspepsia, which causes symptoms such as nausea, a feeling of heaviness or stomach pain, and burning or flatulence and gas.


As we have seen in citrus fruits, eating sugar on an empty stomach is detrimental to our health. We are talking about sweets that contain excess sugar. Industrial pastries would also enter here, although we have already ruled it out due to yeast.

The pancreas is an organ that is just behind the stomach, and what it does is that it controls the level of sugar in our blood through insulin, which is a hormone. When you overeat sugar, especially on an empty stomach that the body has just woken up, you are making the pancreas work too hard, thus increasing the production of insulin in our body, something harmful to the body. If there is too much sugar, the pancreas will need to increase insulin, which may not be enough, leading to diabetes.

Excess sugar in the body is not good at any time, but if you are going to have a sweet, it is better to be throughout the day and not at breakfast.


If you have got up late and instead of having breakfast, you are going to have an aperitif, it is better that you have something healthy for breakfast before. If you need to drink liquids, what better than water, the most natural and healthy liquid you can drink.

Soft drink fasting is harmful for several reasons. First of all, they can damage the gastric mucosa, and as we have seen before, this can cause damage to the stomach. Also, sodas worsen blood circulation in the stomach and make digestion difficult, so they are not the best option when you wake up.

And finally, soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar. Not all, but most, and sugar, as we have seen, increases the amounts of insulin in the body with all that this entails.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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