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Remedies for diarrhea

by Alivia Nyhan
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Diarrhea is one of the most common gastrointestinal ailments, being a condition that many of us have experienced during childhood and adulthood. In people who suffer from intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel, colitis, or Crohn’s disease, this symptom can appear with some frequency in the face of any inappropriate dietary change; however, for those who have good gastric health, this condition is a sign that something is not he is okay. Seeing a doctor for certain diseases is very important; in parallel, changes should be made in the diet that reduces intestinal inflammation. But in addition to these recommendations, some remedies for diarrhea at home can help you improve and promote recovery. In this FastlyHealarticle, we give you the best alternatives to achieve it.

When to go to a doctor?

Although diarrhea can occur sporadically when eating a food that has not satisfied us, when this symptom manifests itself with intensity, and especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms or prevents us from ingesting any food or liquid because it is quickly expelled, then it is time to go to a health center.

It is recommended to go to the doctor when:

  • There are signs of dehydration such as decreased urination, dry mouth, dizziness, and no tears.
  • Diarrhea does not improve or persist after five days in adults and after two days in children.
  • It is accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, stomach pain that does not improve when evacuating, or fever above 38 ºC.
  • Stools are bleeding, very dark, or have mucus in them.
  • You have recently traveled to a foreign country, especially if it is considered endemic.
  • If diarrhea is a symptom that occurs with some frequency and without apparent cause.

The importance of taking care of the diet in the face of this picture

Regardless of the cause of this problem, taking care of our diet while we have diarrhea is significant. This condition causes the intestinal mucosa to become irritated and inflamed. Therefore soft foods that are easy to digest should be consumed to promote recovery and prevent the disease from worsening.

In our article astringent diet for diarrhea, we give you the nutritional recommendations necessary to promote a speedy recovery.

Infusion of chamomile and mint to reduce inflammation

Both the infusion of chamomile and the mint are two very suitable options for treating gastric problems. These plants are digestive, but their main property favors the inflammation of the gastric mucosa and the intestine, notably improving discomfort.

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of chamomile and another mint to a cup of boiling water, let it steep for 10 minutes and then drink little by little. You can take 3 or 4 cups a day. In the case of having the infusion in bags, add one of each to the cup. You can also consume either of the two separately.

Homemade serum to hydrate

Faced with a picture of this type, it is essential to stay hydrated; among the remedies for diarrhea, the home serum is one of the best alternatives. At this point, we have two good options:

Classic serum for the first hours

To a liter of water, add two tablespoons of salt, 2 bicarbonate, and one sugar. Mix the contents very well and drink little by little throughout the day; it is essential not to consume a lot of liquid at one time to avoid vomiting. This drink favors the recovery of minerals and the correct hydration.

Hydrating lemon drink for when we’re in control

Once diarrhea has subsided, you can opt for this drink. In a liter of water, mix the juice of two lemons, half a teaspoon of salt, and a pinch of bicarbonate. Stir well and consume little by little throughout the day, always taking small sips. This will help you hydrate, regain lost minerals, and feel much better.

Apples are cooked without the skin.

The apple is an excellent astringent food that helps to reduce diarrhea, promoting our recovery. But it is not about eating a raw apple; for this to be one of the effective remedies for diarrhea, they must always be consumed without skin and cooked. You can prepare baked apples, cooked or make a compote or homemade puree. Avoid adding sugar, the more natural, the better.

Carrot broth

Carrot is another of the ingredients that are considered astringent, so it is suitable when we have diarrhea, and we are looking for foods that help us recover. This ingredient gives us minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, or calcium that we can lose during constant bowel movements; it also helps to regulate the bacterial flora destroyed by this condition.

An excellent way to consume them is the broth; add water, carrot, and other soft ingredients, such as potatoes and a little salt. Cook for at least 40 minutes to obtain a broth with substance; this option is ideal for promoting hydration. And if you are looking for a more straightforward option, you can eat cooked carrots, which will also provide you with all their nutrients.

Rice water, the best astringent

This is one of the most popular and well-known home remedies for diarrhea. Rice, as such, is excellent astringent food, but consuming its water is ideal for those times when diarrhea is intense, and we do not want to introduce solid foods yet. It favors hydration and provides nutrients that help us stop constant bowel movements.

To prepare it, you must add three tablespoons of rice to 2 liters of water and let it cook for 1 hour, then strain the rice and save the water from consuming it throughout the day.

Ripe banana, a good ally

In the same way that it happens with the apple, the ripe banana is an excellent astringent food that, curiously, is just as effective when we have diarrhea as when we suffer from constipation since it acts favoring intestinal work in both ways according to our case. You can incorporate it, preferably mashed type puree, to make it easier to digest.

Mashed potatoes

The potato offers us a good contribution of starch and, as with rice, it is an excellent food to consume when we are recovering from diarrhea. It is always recommended to cook them without skin and then mash them as a puree without adding milk or butter. This food will be well tolerated and appreciated by the stomach.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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