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Myths about pregnancy Discover the truth!

by Alivia Nyhan
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Being pregnant is something extraordinary as well as exciting. However, it is a matter of telling people about it, and immediately you come up with a thousand and one stories, advice, and recommendations. Some are crazy, but others make you doubt and put fear in your body about whether you will be doing it right.

From generation to generation, legends and beliefs about pregnancy have been circulating that now, with scientific advances and studies that have been done on pregnancy, we can deny or confirm.

The mother’s health is vital during pregnancy; that’s why at FastlyHealwe brings you a list of the ten myths about pregnancy that you should know to ignore. Discover the truth!

You should not exercise.

Although pregnant women will not want to start climbing mountains or do a lot of sports, exercising is not only not bad for the baby, but it is highly recommended and beneficial.

In any case, you cannot follow the usual rhythm of exercise if you usually practice sports. Therefore it is very convenient to talk about it with the doctor so that he modifies the normal routine to adapt it to your new condition.

With a proper routine, exercising during pregnancy can help prevent muscle and back pain that often appear, prepare your body for the time of birth and avoid the accumulation of fat during the gestation period, which will facilitate recovering the figure Faster.

The shape knows the sex of the baby of the belly.

This is one of the most widespread legends that circulate about pregnancy, and it is still very present in popular culture that if the sweep is shaped like a beak, it will be a boy, and if the belly is round, it will be a girl.

From the shape of the belly, it is impossible to predict the sex of the baby; in fact, that can only be known from ultrasounds and blood tests, and even then, there can be errors and mistakes.

The shape of the belly attends to many factors. None are the sex of the future baby: the shape and tone of the uterus, the position of the child in the belly, the location and size of the placenta, or if the mother has already had previous pregnancies are some of the conditions that configure the shape of the belly. Therefore, we can already bury this myth.

You can’t have sex

Many women, influenced by this myth, are afraid of doing any harm to the baby and stop having sex during pregnancy. From FastlyHealwe discover the truth, and the truth is that, unless there is some pathology that prevents it and of which the doctor must warn, making love during pregnancy cannot cause an abortion, accelerate labor, cause contractions, or do any harm to the baby.

What is true is that the healthier, in any aspect of life, a pregnant woman, the better for the mother and the baby. If you have good relationships, the mother will feel better and more relaxed, which is always good for her and her future child.

You have to eat for two.

Another prevalent myth that you have undoubtedly heard at some time is the phrase that the mother has to eat for two. This is wrong and can lead to pregnancy complications such as obesity and nutritional problems.

The mother’s diet has to provide enough energy for her and the baby, increasing proteins and maintaining a balance between macronutrients, such as fats and carbohydrates.

Beyond that, the diet should be what the mother needs, without significant changes or much more; however, if you have any questions about the amounts and type of food you should eat, visit the following FastlyHealarticle, in which We explain the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and how much you should eat while pregnant.

Fish is rotten for the baby.

This statement is a generalist and can lead to errors that harm a good diet during pregnancy. Eating fish during the gestation period is not only not bad, but it helps the baby’s brain development and has been shown to intervene in their intelligence. However, due to mercury in some fish, eating more than 300 grams a week is not recommended, and eating shellfish, swordfish, or tuna is discouraged.

Bathing in the sea or the pool is terrible

If it’s summer, you’re hot, and you’re on the beach or in a pool, don’t hesitate and jump into the water! Being too hot is much more harmful to the baby than bathing or submerging, which is not.

The uterus has a mucous membrane that acts as natural protection, preventing the passage of water, bacteria, or anything that may be there. Therefore, you should not worry about enjoying a relaxing bath when you feel like it.

Sleeping on your back is dangerous

It is not true that sleeping on the back is dangerous; however, as the baby grows inside the belly, it becomes increasingly uncomfortable and difficult to take a good posture. In general, for the pregnant woman’s comfort, it is advisable to sleep on your side to avoid back pain and promote breathing; however, if you do not feel comfortable in this way and prefer to sleep on your back, you can do so it perfectly. If you want to know which is the best position to sleep in, visit the following article, where we will tell you all about the places you should take when resting at night.

You don’t have to go to the dentist.

Going to the dentist is one of the things that you should not overlook when you are pregnant. The pregnancy period is usually a stage in which a woman consumes more sugars and may have more acidity, so it is normal for her to develop gingivitis or inflammation of the gumsThere is no problem in visiting the dentist during pregnancy, as long as you inform him of your condition so that he takes it into account when taking X-rays or putting you under anesthesia.

It is common when you carry a baby in your gut to focus all your attention on him, neglecting your oral hygiene a little; it is essential to keep your mouth well clean, so visits to the dentist will be less necessary.

The cravings that you do not fulfill are marked in your child.

Thinking that if the mother wants to eat specific food and does not satisfy it, the child will be born with a mark on his skin is another of the myths about pregnancy that enjoy great popularity. There is nothing true in this myth, and we will dismantle it below.

The spots on the skin are prevalent in babies, and most of them disappear with time. Generally, they are due to some problem in the skin’s capillaries. Due to their red or purple color, they have traditionally been associated with strawberries and other similar fruits, believing that it was due to an unfulfilled craving.

Why do you have cravings?

Now that we know why marks appear on babies’ skin, another question assails us: Why do cravings occur? Another myth about them is that they appear due to nutritional or traditional deficiency, although science has shown that this is not the case. Yes, it may be the case of having to eat something sweet due to the body’s need to ingest glucose. Still, in general, it has nothing to do with any lack of nutrients, but rather, they are caused by anxiety and hormonal alteration, which causes changes in the perception of taste and smell.

There is no difference between satisfying them or not; you just have to be careful not to abuse any product, especially those with a lot of sugar or high-fat content.

If you have heartburn, the child will be born with hair.

Heartburn and heartburn are very common in pregnancy, and their appearance does not give us any indication as to whether the baby will have more or less hair. Different reasons cause gastric reflux during this period; on the one hand, the woman produces more significant amounts of progesterone, a hormone that favors the relaxation of the valve that separates the stomach and the esophagus and causes the acids to rise upwards. . Another cause is that the enlargement of the uterus makes the stomach and the diaphragm have to go up, favoring that their content also goes up.

We recommend you visit the following article on home remedies for heartburn in pregnancy to take them into account when designing your diet and avoid suffering from heartburn during this stage.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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