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Medicinal plants to increase sexual desire

by Alivia Nyhan
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Do you have a low libido ? Then you should start introducing some natural products in your day to day to increase your desire to have sex and, thus, be able to enjoy a full and healthy life. There are many factors that can decrease your sexual appetite, for example, living a stressful period, having a monotonous and boring sex life, feeling very tired and fatigued, and so on.

In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to discover you some of the best medicinal plants to increase sexual desire that by taking once a day you will be able to replace the nutrients that you lack and that make you feel down and not want to have sex.

Causes of low libido

In order to treat the lack of sexual appetite, it is important that we detect what may be the origin of this situation. Keep in mind that, depending on the exact reason, it can be treated with the medicinal plants that we will propose or with another type of change in your daily life, such as innovating in the sexual field. Next in FastlyHealwe are going to discover the most frequent causes of low libido :

  • Sexual routine

You may not feel as eager to have sex because you are simply bored. Always practicing the same postures, during the same days of the week and at the same time radically ends with passion. It is important to innovate in this field, try new poses, new games and, above all, avoid being repetitive and monotonous as much as possible. If this is your case, we recommend that before starting any treatment, try changing your sexual practices, you will see how you start to want more!

  • Problems in your relationship

Another of the most frequent causes of a lack of passion in a partner is having problems. If you are arguing more than usual, if you are experiencing a crisis, then it is normal that your desire to make love is affected. In this case it is important that you talk with your partner so that you can detect what is failing between you and be able to put a remedy, the sooner your emotional problems are fixed, the sooner your problems in bed will be fixed.

  • Hormonal disturbances

Both men and women can have some changes in hormones and these directly affect sexual libido. Girls usually notice it at times such as menstruation, pregnancy or menopause and they, when they reach middle age, can suffer what is known as “andropause”, that is, male menopause, a hormonal change that they live men and it can affect sexual desire. In these cases, it is totally advisable to take some medicinal plants to increase sexual desire since they will help you internally to have more desire for sex.

  • Living periods of stress or depression

The moods of each one can also affect sexual desire and make this field take a back seat. If emotionally we are not well, neither will we be physically so we will avoid physical contact and we will want to rest at night.

If this is the case, depression or stress should be treated by practicing relationship exercises or following the guidelines set by a specialist; The natural remedies that we will propose can help you improve the body’s chemical impulses, but it is important that you treat the original condition that is blocking you.

  • Medicines

It may also be the case that you have a lack of sexual appetite because you are following a medication that, due to the chemicals it contains, reduces libido; for example antidepressants or painkillers can directly affect your desire. If this is the case, you should talk to your doctor so that he can give you another type of medicine that does not affect you.

Ginseng to increase sexual desire

One of the medicinal plants to increase sexual desire is ginseng and, above all, it is indicated for men. It is an ingredient that is indicated to increase the body’s energy, also improving blood circulation ; This allows erections to be much more powerful and for women to feel more sensitive in the clitoral area and, therefore, have more desire to make love by feeling more physically aroused.

Among the many benefits of ginseng, it also stands out that it is a plant that improves mood and, therefore, makes you more predisposed to enjoy a sex session. To take advantage of all its properties, the most recommended is to take it naturally in an infusion or, if you prefer, you can buy tablets in natural product stores.

In any case, due to its great energy and stimulant contribution, ginseng is contraindicated in these situations:

  • People who suffer from anxiety or insomnia
  • People who take medication for depression or for the heart
  • People who drink a lot of caffeine
  • People with breast cancer (as it stimulates estrogens)
  • People with thyroid problems
  • People with migraines
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Increase libido with ginkgo biloba

The ginkgo biloba is another of medicinal plants that will help increase libido naturally. It is a product indicated to increase energy but also to activate and improve blood circulation, something that allows erections to be stronger and blood to better reach the erogenous parts of women, such as the clitoris. In addition, it also helps reduce stress and allow you to live in optimal living conditions.

To take advantage of these benefits, the most common way to take it is through an infusion or it is also usually found in the form of capsules in health food stores. The exact dosage will be marked by the manufacturer himself and, over time, you will notice how the flow of your blood has improved and, therefore, you will be more sensitive and predisposed to have intercourse.

However, there are also some contraindications that are worth knowing so as not to put yourself at risk:

  • It is not safe to take it during pregnancy as it can cause premature birth
  • It should not be taken if you have very heavy periods.
  • Should not be taken by people taking anticoagulants
  • It should not be taken by people with ulcers, wounds or who are going to have a surgical operation
  • If you take aspirin, anticonvulsants or diabetes medications, you should consult a specialist first

At FastlyHealwe offer you more infusions to increase sexual desire .

Ginger to improve sex

The root of ginger is also one of the best natural products to increase sexual desire . Among the properties of ginger , its ability to improve blood circulation stands out, something that, as we have already seen, directly interferes with libido since it allows the blood to reach our erogenous zones better, making us more sensitive and with the more raw excitement. Get erections to last longer and thus avoid sexual impotence and premature ejaculation ; In the case of women, it ensures that the blood circulates better in the clitoris and, therefore, the encounters are much more pleasant for the two members of the couple.

But, in addition to this, ginger also stimulates the production of endorphins , something that helps combat depressive states or periods of stress, helping us to be more emotionally animated and, therefore, more predisposed to have a good time in bed.

In order to benefit from all these stimuli, all you have to do is prepare an infusion with the root of this medicinal plant and take it 1 or 2 times a day; Little by little you will feel much more animated and wanting to have sexual encounters. Anyway, currently there are also tablets or special preparations with ginger that you can buy in health food stores.

In any case, there are also contraindications in the use of ginger since it should not be taken in any of these circumstances:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • If you suffer from hypertension
  • People with gallstones
  • If you take a medication for high blood pressure, blood thinner, diabetes or platelets
  • If you suffer from mouth ulcers you should not take it either

Increase desire with maca

Another remedy to increase sexual libido is to take advantage of the properties of maca , a medicinal plant that acts as a powerful aphrodisiac by increasing testosterone as well as regulating hormones. For this reason, it helps fight impotence by leveling out the production of hormones, something that is very important in women in special times such as menopause or middle-aged men.

Maca is rich in iodine , a component that balances the body’s hormones but, in addition, it is also rich in zinc, a mineral that activates sexual desire. So, if you want to have more desire for sex, a good way to achieve it is to prepare an infusion of maca or, failing that, buy a product already prepared in natural product stores.

But, like all remedies, maca also has a number of contraindications that are worth knowing before starting to take it:

  • People suffering from insomnia or nervous disorders should not take it
  • People with gastric conditions are not recommended to consume it as it is rich in fiber and can damage the digestive system if you have any condition
  • People with thyroid problems should not take it either as it can inhibit its proper functioning.
  • If you are following an anticoagulant treatment, you should not take this medicinal plant either
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also not consume it

At FastlyHealwe propose other home remedies to stimulate sexual desire in case you are interested in learning about other methods.

Tips to improve your sex life

As we have already told you in the first section, the causes of lack of sexual desire can be many and varied, that is, if there is a problem such as routine or boredom, it is possible that no matter how much you take these medicinal plants Do not finish feeling the aphrodisiac effects of it because it is essential that you also treat the origin of the problem.

So, at FastlyHealwe are going to give you some tips that can help you improve your love life and make you fully enjoy sex again:

  • Increase sensuality : it is important to activate sexual desire in all senses, not just physical, therefore, we recommend that you dare to buy sexy underwear, that you surprise your partner with a spicy plan, that environments the room with scents and soft lights, etcetera. Sex is sensory so the more senses are stimulated, the better!
  • Dare to try new things : open your mind and innovate in sex by buying erotic toys, lubricants, flavored gels, etc. Currently there are a lot of very interesting options to never get bored of sex so find yours!
  • Speak clearly with your partner : it is important that sex is not taboo and that both members of the couple can express themselves freely by talking about your erotic fantasies, what you would like to try in bed, and so on.
  • Physical exercise : it is proven that sport helps to produce endorphins, the hormones that cause pleasure and well-being; So if you start doing physical exercise you will feel in a better state of shape as well as being more animated and in a better mood.
  • Relax : It is also essential that you reduce stress and that you can fully enjoy your sexual encounters. Many people take anxiety to the personal level and are unable to think about other things when they are in their private lives; This is something totally discouraged as it will seriously affect your sexual life making it difficult for you to be able to have sex without thinking about anything. Say goodbye to stress and practice yoga, meditation or moments just for yourself to be able to disconnect and live peacefully.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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