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Home remedies for burning when urinating

by Alivia Nyhan
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We know the name of painful urination, any symptom of pain, burning, or burning when urinating. This pain does not always occur in the same place. While some people notice it in the urethra, where the urine comes out, others can feel it more internally, in the pelvis, under the abdomen, or in the prostate.

The causes can also be very varied, although it is mainly cystitis or urine infection, different sexually transmitted diseases, and kidney disorders such as kidney stones, which can also lead to burning when urinating.

Be that as it may, at our disposal, we have many natural products and home remedies for burning when urinating that can serve as a treatment to alleviate and eliminate this annoying symptom. If you want to know them, we invite you to continue reading this FastlyHealarticle.

Burning when urinating: causes

Although pain or burning when urinating is a much more common symptom in women, who, due to their anatomy, are more prone to problems of this type, it can also occur in men of any age. In general, this burning occurs in the opening of the urethra, although it can also occur in the bladder and be noted in the pubis, pelvis, and lower abdomen.

When this symptom is noticed, there has been some inflammation in some urinary tract areas, generally the bladder or urethra. In turn, the rash is usually the product of infection. However, there doesn’t need to be an infection since other processes can lead to inflammation. The most common causes of burning when urinating are:

  • Bladder infection: cystitis or urinary infection.
  • Infection in the urethra: also known as urethritis, is usually the product of a sexually transmitted disease.

Home remedies for burning urination: juices and drinks

Considering that what we drink, one traversed its course throughout the body, must exit through the urinary tract, those we consume can have a significant impact, either positive or negative, on symptoms such as burning when urinating. Next, we will give you a series of home remedies to drink and improve this condition:

  • Cranberry juice: is one of the best and most effective home remedies for urine infection. Many medications prescribed to treat this condition contain extract from this fruit. The best way to take it is to drink cranberry juice, a drink that prevents the bacteria present in our urinary tract from spreading and sticking to the walls.
  • Water and coconut oil: how these two products can act on burning when urinating are different. For one thing, coconut oil is a great antibacterial agent, capable of killing bacteria like Escherichia Coli even after antibiotic resistance has developed. On the other hand, coconut water can help the body eliminate all the impurities deposited in the kidneys. For its use, it is recommended to take two tablespoons of this oil throughout the day and drink one of its water when waking up and before going to sleep.
  • Apple cider vinegar: diluting two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is another good home remedy for burning when urinating. The best thing is that this mixture is taken throughout the day and not all at once.
  • Onion broth: onion is a vegetable with excellent diuretic power. It allows you to urinate more and therefore helps to eliminate bacteria. Preparing this broth is as easy as dividing an onion into 4 and boiling it for 20 minutes in a stainless steel container with 1/2 liter of water.
  • Garlic tea: garlic is another of the most potent antibacterials that exist, so it can be a good home remedy to take this tea 3 times a day for a couple of days. To do this, you have to peel and crush -very important- two cloves of garlic and let them rest together with warm water overnight.
  • Nettle tea: nettle is a plant with an excellent diuretic capacity. You have to boil a tablespoon of dried leaves in water for 5 minutes and drink it after straining its content.
  • Boldo tea: Another very effective home remedy for cystitis and burning when urinating. Although you can make it yourself with dried leaves, buying it directly in bags is the easiest way.
  • Infusion of parsley: parsley is another excellent natural diuretic, and, although it can be eaten or used with meals, it is most convenient to make an infusion with a tablespoon of this plant in a cup of boiling water.

Despite everything that has been said so far and even considering that all these remedies are natural, you must always consult a doctor before starting any treatment. That they are natural does not mean that they are harmless if they are effective for something, it is because they cause changes in our body, so depending on each person’s situation, it may be that some are contraindicated.

How To Get Rid Of Urine Infection Fast With Feeding

There is a famous saying that “we are what we eat,” and the truth is that our diet has a decisive influence on our health, and it can also help us get rid of some symptoms of diseases such as burning when urinating.

One of them is garlic, which we have already discussed in the previous section, but which we can also use in our meals, for example, adding it to salads or soups. Another of the best foods for urine infections is asparagus, the natural diuretic par excellence. It accelerates the ability to go to the bathroom and eliminates bacteria that accumulate in our urinary tract. If you opt for this option, you should remember that asparagus change both the color and the smell of urine, so you should not be scared.

In the world of fruits, we also find great foods with antimicrobial capacity. Among these, some stand out, such as:

  • The grenade
  • Papaya
  • Passion fruit
  • Watermelon

On the other hand, some foods can be counterproductive and worsen symptoms such as burning when urinating. Some that are especially harmful are those containing sugar because this element is the basis of the bacteria’s diet, which is why it helps spread the infection.

Baking soda for urine infection

The benefits of sodium bicarbonate for our body are many and wildly different, from digestive disorders, skin problems, or oral health. However, what interests us now is the ability of this product to treat urinary infections.

The preparation of this home remedy is straightforward and valuable, and effective. With bicarbonate, it is possible to alter the pH of our urine, lowering its acidity and creating a very hostile environment for bacteria, which will help eliminate the infection that we may have.

Other benefits of this treatment are:

  • The purification of the kidneys.
  • Cleaning of the urinary tract.
  • The future prevention of possible infections.

In addition, for this, you will only need water and bicarbonate.

How to cure urine infection with bicarbonate

Add a small tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water. You can also add a little freshly squeezed lemon juice to make it more pleasant to taste. It would help if you ate the whole glass when your stomach is empty, that is, on an empty stomach or two hours after the last meal. Do the same for an entire week, seeing if the burning when you urinate starts to subside.

Treatment of burning when urinating with healthy habits

Beyond home remedies and diet, there are several general measures that one can take at home to end burning when urinating and other symptoms of urine infection. Here are some of the healthy habits that can go well for you :

  • When you feel like urinating, you shouldn’t wait. The increased length of the bladder causes it not to be expelled at all, so bacteria and germs remain inside the body.
  • Hydration is essential. The primary home remedy for urine infection is to drink plenty of water to expel bacteria.
  • The application of heat in the lower area of the abdomen is an excellent habit to end these problems. The best way is with a compress soaked in hot water.
  • If the burning is powerful, you can do sitz baths to calm the sensation of pain.
  • Before practicing sexual intercourse, both members of the couple must wash their genitals correctly and use a condom in case of having different sexual partners.
  • Alcohol is one of the major irritants of the urinary tract. That is why alcohol consumption should be eliminated for the duration of the infection.
  • Clothes are essential, especially in the case of women. It would be best to always opt for underwear made of cotton, avoiding synthetic fabrics. The latter does not allow proper ventilation of the genital area.
  • Another inadvisable element in our clothing is very tight pants or very tight underpants.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any type of condition or discomfort.

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