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Home remedies for bruxism

by Alivia Nyhan
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The pressure or grinding of teeth can become a nightmare when it begins to create problems in the jaw, and this bad habit can harm teeth and dental health, causing headaches and jaw pain. Most people tend to suffer from it at night, so they may not even know that they sleep with this condition. Although bruxism cannot be directly treated by oneself when it occurs at night, there are a number of tips and recommendations that can help considerably. In addition, in this FastlyHealarticle we introduce you to some home remedies for bruxism .

End stress and anseity

Stress and anxiety are the main triggersfrom gnashing of teeth. Some people discharge their stress during the night, which is why nocturnal bruxism occurs, while others put this pressure on the jaw under stress conditions throughout the day. Therefore, one of the first measures to be adopted is related to prevention by adopting a more relaxed lifestyle. The best thing to do to achieve this is to do some activity that allows us to relax and forget about worries, through sports, Pilates, yoga, or any other similar activity. Although it is not a way to guarantee success in ending bruxism, there is no doubt that it can contribute and it is something relatively easy that we can do on our own.

Be aware of bruxism

Although it may seem silly, if we keep in mind that we live with this problem, we have a better chance of avoiding it and stopping it the moment it appears. That is, in the event that throughout the day we find ourselves in a situation in which we grind our teeth due to stress, anxiety, or being in tension, we can stop it as soon as possible if we are aware of it. Thus, we have to detect the moments in which bruxism appears and nip it in the bud when it appears, or if possible sooner.

Medicinal plants for bruxism

Returning to the objective of ending stress and anxiety, we can count on the help of some medicinal plants that will contribute to a greater relaxation of our body , without the need to resort to medications or drugs that can have side effects.

  • Valerian . Known for its positive effects in combating sleep disorders and nervousness, valerian can be a good natural remedy for bruxism if consumed before going to sleep, or even in the morning.
  • Hawthorn . Another of the home remedies for bruxism thanks to its ability to end anxiety and facilitate sleep at night due to its sedative properties.
  • Thyme . In this case, a bath should be prepared in which this plant is added to the water to achieve a mild relaxing and sleeping effect. This will allow you to reduce the stress and anxiety accumulated during the day.

Tips against bruxism

Our day to day is configured under a series of customs and rituals that we adopt over time, which on many occasions we do not question and are difficult to eliminate or modify. Some of them can give rise to bruxism indirectly, since they stimulate our body making us more nervous.

  • Caffeine . It is a stimulating drink that hinders our relaxation and makes us more nervous.
  • Alcohol . In the same way as coffee, alcohol is a stimulating drink that hinders a full and optimal sleep, in addition to exacerbating bruxism.
  • Do not bite . That involves all the habits that involve biting a pen when working or studying, nail biting, etc. Instead, chewing gum is recommended.
  • Power . Calcium and magnesium deficiency can contribute to bruxism. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out a diet where these nutrients are not lacking, through milk and derivatives, nuts, legumes and vegetables.
  • Before going to sleep . Before sleeping, it is advisable to carry out an activity that allows us to relax our body and mind, to avoid falling asleep with stress or anxiety. A good way to achieve this is by reading a book, listening to classical music, or any other similar activity that allows us to relax.

Treatments for bruxism

On some occasions, and especially when bruxism takes place at night, it is necessary to turn to a specialist to solve the pressure or grinding of the teeth and prevent the jaw from ending up being damaged. The most common dental treatment for bruxism is the use of a discharge splint , during the day or at night. It is a cover that is placed on the upper denture and covers the teeth, preventing the jaw from receiving strong pressure due to burxism.

In other cases, the problem may be misalignment of the teeth, exerting pressure or grinding. Therefore, orthodontic treatment is required in order to align the teeth.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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