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Definition of cariolymph

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Cariolymph, also known as nucleoplasm or karyoplasm, is the liquid located inside the nucleus in which chromatic material is found, such as DNA and chromosomal proteins, as well as non-chromatic material. Its less viscous part is known as the ice plasma nucleus.

The karyolymph or nucleoplasm is surrounded and separated from the cytoplasm by the cell membrane and is composed mainly of water. This aqueous medium allows the chemical reactions of the nucleus metabolism. At FastlyHealwe explain what carry lymph is.


A clear liquid substance in the cell nucleus usually does not stain. It is composed mainly of colloidal protein material, in which the nucleolus, chromatin, linin, and various submicroscopic particles are dispersed.

Components of choriolymph

The nucleoplasm can be divided according to its components:

  • Interchromatin granules. They measure around 20-25 nm in diameter and are made up of ribonucleoprotein particles, as well as other enzymes. These granules are distributed throughout the nucleus.
  • Perichromatin granules. They measure around 30-50 nm and are located on the periphery of chromatin, and are made up of densely packed fibrils of low molecular weight rRNA.
  • Ribonucleoprotein particles. Nucleoprotein containing RNA. This compound is made up of ribonucleic acid and protein.

More facts about nucleoplasm

Nucleoplasm functions

  • The nucleoplasm allows the chemical reactions of the nucleus metabolism and necessary substances to be stored.
  • It will enable Brownian motion through random motions in some particles in it.
  • It facilitates the contact of the 10 nm polychromatic loops and the gene transcription machinery.
  • It allows the transport of ribosomal RNA, messenger RNA, and transfer RNA into the cytoplasm for translation.

Nucleoplasm composition

  • Cariolymph is mainly made up of water in which compatible solutes are found.
  • It is rich in proteins, especially enzymes, and contains acidic proteins, called residual proteins, as they are not bound to DNA or RNA.
  • It also contains cofactors, precursor molecules, and water-soluble molecules related to cell signaling.
  • Hormones such as estrogen, aldosterone, progesterone, and testosterone are found.
  • Lipids and phospholipids.

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