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Pain in the breasts without menstruation: causes and treatment

by Alivia Nyhan
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Pain in the breasts without menstruation

Breast sensitivity is a frequent topic of conversation among women and the main reason for consultation with the gynecologist, specifically with the hematologist, the specialist in the mammary gland.

Breast pain is known as mastalgia and can occur from multiple causes ranging from menstruation to menopause. Pain in the breasts without menstruation is joint in women of any age: from very young in their early puberty to those who are in adulthood. Breast pain is usually identified by touching or pricking the chest.

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Onset of puberty

At this stage of life, between 10 and 14 years, girls have discomfort and Pain in the breasts without menstruation because they are growing, which causes Pain.

During this period in which girls are in full development, no specific treatment is required. The doctor will recommend taking lukewarm baths to relieve breast pain and wearing a bra that supports the size of your breasts.

Intake of some medications

The consumption of some medications has a side effect of Pain in the breasts without menstruation. These medications may be prescribed for pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, where medications such as:

  • Digoxin.
  • Spironolactone.
  • Methyldopa.
  • Chlorpromazine.

If this is your case, you should see your doctor immediately. He will verify the presence of Pain in the breast and change the medication causing this alteration for another that does not produce the side effect.

Intake of some medications

Cysts in the breasts

Another cause of Ppainin the breasts without menstruation is cysts in the breasts. This injury is often seen in young women between 35 and 50. Breast cysts consist of pockets of fluid that form inside the breast. These cysts, despite being benign, cause breast pain and are detected through specialized studies such as mammography.

In this case, the specialist will indicate analgesics and anti-inflammatories to relieve Ppainafter a medical evaluation. Cysts in the breasts do not require specific treatment unless they are tremendous or cause intense Pain. Only then will the surgical resolution be resorted to.

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Breast pain is normal during pregnancy, significantly more often during the first trimester and late pregnancy. This Pain is due to increased blood flow, so during this stage, the veins in the breasts become more noticeable to the naked eye, and breast pain occurs when touched.

New women and those who get pregnant at a young age often have severe breast pain. To relieve breast pain during pregnancy, your obstetrician will recommend some of these practices to alleviate breast pain :

  • Placement of hot water compresses.
  • Lukewarm showers
  • Massage the breasts.

alleviate breast pain


Throughout this stage, the breasts are filled with milk to be able to breastfeed the baby. At this time, the breasts may be complex and painful. The nipple, a product of the baby’s constant sucking, can crack, causing severe Pain and bleeding.

In this case, it will be necessary to empty the breast by feeding the baby or doing it manually to decongest the breast of milk.

Suppose you suffer from Ppainin in the nipple, and it is cracked. In that case, the pediatrician will indicate the application of a cream that allows the injury to heal and keep the nipple hydrated while the baby is not breastfed.

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Another cause of breast pain without menstruation is mastitis. It is an inflammation of the breasts that occurs during lactation due to obstruction of the milk ducts, accumulation of the same, or an infection in the breast generated by a bacterium.

Mastitis causes breast pain from the following symptoms of mastitis:

  • Redness of the chest.
  • Inflammation of the breast.
  • Warm to the touch.
  • Fever.
  • Discomfort.
  • Muscle pains.

The doctor will indicate treatment for breast pain that will depend on the cause of the mastitis. Usually, it is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

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Changing birth control pills

The use of contraceptive pills generates increased sensitivity of the breasts. This can be perceived from the beginning of the treatment, but more frequently, it happens when a change is made from the pill to which the body is not accustomed. This can cause sore breasts without menstruation and a burning sensation.

In this case, the doctor will recommend that you wait a period of 2 to 3 months for your body to get used to the new birth control pills, and you will see how the breast pain is relieved, and you will not feel the discomfort again.

Cancerous tumors

The appearance of Ppainin in the breast when there is a cancerous tumor is indicative that it is in an advanced stage, where damage to other underlying tissues is evident. Breast pain is generally infrequent if caused by the presence of cancer.

Suppose the Ppainin in the breasts is due to a cancerous tumor. In that case, the specialist doctor will make the pertinent indications according to the state of cancer and will proceed to indicate chemotherapy or radiotherapy if necessary.

How to avoid feeling sore breasts

Now that you know the causes of breast pain without periods, it is essential to remember that breast care is necessary and will prevent the appearance of breast discomfort or tenderness. To do this, you will require specific care such as those suggested below:

  • When buying a bra, you must choose the appropriate size: that it is comfortable, soft, and that it fits perfectly to your bust. This will prevent Pain in the breasts and the loss of it.
  • It would be best to eat a healthy diet low in fat, rich in vegetables, fruits, or grains.
  • Maintain a bodyweight appropriate to height. With this, you will avoid excessive growth of the breasts.
  • If you present any injury to your breasts accompanied by Pain, go immediately to your trusted gynecologist or hematologist. He will indicate the steps to follow to alleviate the discomfort and have a precise diagnosis.

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