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Best food for stomach ulcer

by Alivia Nyhan
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An ulcer in the stomach is a wound produced in the mucosa that is in the wall of the stomach and that is responsible for protecting it against the acids it produces to digest food and beverages. When our stomach does not present this mucosa, we can feel pain, burning and a sensation of acidity , especially when we eat and after meals, when our stomach works to digest food. In most cases, the cause of this ailment is a bacterium present only in the human stomach called Helicobacter pylori , which infects the lining of the stomach. However, a good diet can help alleviate the pain caused by this ailment, so in FastlyHealwe will answer the questionWhat to eat if i have a stomach ulcer? .

Food against stomach ulcer

To combat a stomach ulcer, your doctor will prescribe an effective medicine against it. However, a good diet can be a good ally to alleviate symptoms and contribute to a better recovery.
balanced diet is very important in all aspects related to health and, in people who suffer from a stomach ulcer, even more so. You should temporarily avoid those foods that can increase acidity, such as citrus fruits, sauces, foods rich in fiber, preserves, foods high in salt, and beverages such as coffee, tea, and carbonated soft drinks. Obviously, once the ulcer has healed, these foods can be re-incorporated. and drinks progressively, so that the stomach adapts again.

What foods should I eat if I have a stomach ulcer?

Luckily, there are a lot of foods that we can eat during the ulcer elimination process, so we will not suffer excessively in terms of what we can choose and we will not be forced to always eat the same thing. I tell how we cook them.

  • Meat . The best option is lean meat . This type of meat is characterized by its low salt content and its protein content, such as chicken, turkey and rabbit . It is better to make it grilled or cooked , avoiding frying. If we also extract the fatty or fibrous part, all the better.
  • Fish . Within the variety of fish available, white fish contains less fat than blue. That is why the most recommended are monkfish, sole, sea bass and hake , among others, and its ideal preparation to avoid damaging our stomach in the face of an ulcer is cooking it on the grill or boiled .
  • Eggs . Cook an omelette or boiled eggs.
  • Vegetables . The best option is to boil them or take them as a cream. In any case, vegetables that cause flatulence such as cauliflower, artichokes, peppers and onions, among others , should be avoided .
  • Fruits . We must avoid citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, tangerine, lime and grapefruit, among others.
  • Dairy . Dairy products are rich in quality protein and calcium , necessary to avoid malnutrition. However, it is recommended to consume it in small quantities and preferably skimmed in the case of milk and fresh in the case of cheese.
  • Cereals, legumes and potatoes . Cereals and tubers help protect the stomach lining, so it is allowed to consume boiled rice and potatoes, among others, and without mixing with fatty foods such as meat and sausages. Avoid those that produce flatulence like beans and chickpeas.
  • It came . Although it seems contradictory, some studies have shown that wine can help fight the bacteria that causes ulcers by combining it with a proper diet.

Now that you know what foods to eat if you have a stomach ulcer, you just have to worry about recovering soon. It is possible that, on some occasions, the person who suffers from a stomach ulcer, has a lack of appetite as a result of the discomfort caused by the symptoms or because of fear that eating will cause them pain. In case this occurs, it is advisable to try to eat, without feeling pressured, to avoid the lack of proteins and necessary nutrients in our body. One option is to start small and eat slowly, incorporating more. Eating a few times a day in large quantities should be avoided, because we will make the digestive system work more, since it will suddenly receive a greater quantity of food.

The change of diet when consuming food for stomach ulcer should be prescribed with a doctor and should be re-incorporated after the healing of the ulcer.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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