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Benefits of warm water with lemon at night

by Alivia Nyhan
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Everyone knows the vitamin C content that lemons provide. Still, apart from that, they have many other positive characteristics for our body and have been used for centuries as natural medicine. For this reason, drinking warm water with lemon can bring us many benefits that we discuss in this FastlyHealarticle. It is essential that when preparing the water with lemon, it is warm and not boiling so that our body can process it more easily. Then squeeze half a lemon into a glass and drink the content.

You can do this at any time, either on an empty stomach or during the day, but below, we will explain the benefits of warm water with lemon at night.

Helps digestion

Digestion is based on transforming the food that enters our body into substances that the body can assimilate, and all this happens in the digestive system. The composition of warm water with lemon, similar to that of saliva, helps our liver to produce bile, an acid necessary for digestion, thus helping to avoid indigestion and discomfort.

This is especially important at night when indigestion is more common. Our body prepares for sleep and reduces some of its functions can cause dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux, and sleepless nights. Something that can be avoided by drinking lemon water before going to sleep.

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Diuretic and moisturizer

Although it is constantly being reported that hydration throughout the day is essential, there are still many people who do not give water the importance it should have in their diet. It is widespread to meet people who do not drink all day, and when they get home at night, they consume everything. Be that as it may, lemon water at night can help alleviate the effects of dehydration.

This drink is considered a diuretic because it helps eliminate unwanted substances from our body and makes us urinate more frequently, which helps to expel toxins. It also helps to replace the fluids lost in the body, thus avoiding the feeling of fatigue or constipation and activating the immune system.

Boosts the immune system

The immune system is our body’s defense against infections caused by bacteria and viruses. When it detects that a foreign body is attacking it, it reacts by destroying infectious organisms.

On the other hand, inflammation is the immune system’s response to antigens, which are foreign bodies that have entered our body. So thanks to inflammation, it kills the bacteria or virus that has invaded us.

Thanks to the amount of vitamin C that warm water with lemon contains, it is an ideal drink to fight colds, for example. This vitamin also has anti-inflammatory qualities, making it the perfect ally to fight cold symptoms such as a sore throat. If we consider that these symptoms intensify at night, in the warm water with lemon before sleeping, we will find the perfect solution to give us a break and sleep peacefully.

Balances pH levels

Once our body has processed the warm water with lemon, the substances that this drink contains become essential allies to maintain balanced pH levels and thus avoid diseases that occur when our body’s pH is acidic.

Clean skin

Vitamin C and other antioxidants in lemon help us reduce wrinkles and blemishes and fight free radicals. In this way, healthy and radiant skin is achieved, and acne is prevented.

Contributes to healing

Healing is a biological process thanks to which living tissues repair wounds in our body. The vitamin C in lemons promotes wound healing, contributes to healing, and is also an essential nutrient for keeping our bones healthy.

To lose weight

Lemon is a great detoxifier and anti-inflammatory and helps fight cravings, thus helping you lose weight more quickly. During the night, especially after dinner, glucose levels tend to drop, so our body gets used to playing tricks on us, causing us to crave food that we shouldn’t. Having a glass of warm water with lemon after dinner, in addition to the benefits of indigestion that we have already discussed, can help us lose weight by avoiding anxiety about eating.

So the benefits of warm water with lemon for our body are multiple, both for the exterior and the interior. In addition, it is a straightforward drink to prepare that can significantly help the proper functioning of our body, so let’s take advantage of it.

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