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Coconut water benefits for weight loss

by Alivia Nyhan
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The coconut water is more fashionable than ever. It is a drink full of very beneficial nutrients for the body and, in addition, it provides properties that help improve some internal functions. But, it is also a great ally to help us lose weight since it is a low-calorie, diuretic product with a very high nutritional content, so it is ideal for eating correctly without going over calories. In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to discover the benefits of coconut water for weight loss so that you understand how it works and know how to introduce it into your daily life.

Lose weight with coconut water

In order to lose weight with coconut water it is important that, first of all, we emphasize that we are NOT referring to coconut milk, something that many people often confuse. The milk is extracted from the pulp of the coconut and mixed with water and, on the other hand, coconut water is the liquid that we naturally find inside this fruit when we open it.

It is essential to understand this difference because water contains a series of ideal properties to help us lose weight naturally, while milk is much more caloric. Next we are going to highlight the reasons why this product is optimal to remove those extra kilos:

  • It has no sugars.
  • If we combine it with lemon we get an ideal drink to activate the metabolism and balance sugar levels.
  • It is a perfect product to improve the thyroid and, therefore, it is a good remedy for people suffering from hyperthyroidism to lose weight.
  • It does not contain fat and is very low in calories.
  • It contains fiber, the perfect component to feel more satisfied and avoid consuming large portions of food. In addition, it improves intestinal transit so it will be ideal to reduce abdominal swelling and, thus, show off a flat stomach.
  • Being water, it promotes purification of the body by eliminating toxins, in addition to reducing the presence of fluid retention.

For all these reasons you can lose weight if you start including coconut water in your daily life; However, at FastlyHealwe want to emphasize that it is essential to lead a healthy life with a low-fat diet and regular physical exercise . Only then can you lose weight and get the figure you want to see so much on the scale.

Recipe to prepare coconut water

You should know that there are already prepared coconut water drinks on the market and that you can buy and drink on a regular basis. But if you want a 100% natural drink , there is nothing better than making coconut water yourself, making sure that you do not introduce chemicals or preservatives into your body. In this way you will be able to provide a large amount of essential nutrients without including toxins.

To be able to make this recipe you will have to go to a greengrocer or supermarket and buy natural green coconuts . We will have to wash them and, when they are dry, we will make a hole in the upper part of the fruit until it completely penetrates the meat.

When you have arrived, you will have to pour the coconut and, then, the water it contains will fall. Store it in a closable container and put it in the fridge so it will last longer. In 2 or 3 days you will have to throw away the water to replace it with a new one.

Include coconut water in your life

“But how can I drink coconut water to lose weight? “, You may be wondering. Well, it is an ideal drink to start the day because it provides us with a large amount of hydration, energy and, in addition, it is a very satiating alternative that will reduce your appetite throughout the day. We must not forget that coconut is a fruit with a sweet taste, something perfect to reduce the anxiety of eating sugary foods that tend to be highly caloric.

It is also an ideal complement for athletes and, in fact, coconut water is considered a natural isotonic drink since it is full of salts and minerals that we lose when we exercise. This will help us to regain energy and not feel tired after sports, for this reason, it is perfect for you to have a glass after going to the gym or training.

In order to lose weight with coconut water, it is therefore recommended that you start the day with a glass of this drink and, after training, drink another. Therefore, on the days you exercise you can have 2 glasses a day but on other days it is recommended that you only drink 1 glass when you wake up to activate your metabolism from the first hour of the day. At FastlyHealwe give you 6 tricks to activate your metabolism in the morning .

But doing this routine will be of little or no use if you don’t lead a healthy, low-fat life. If your goal is to lose weight, you should know that coconut water will be a perfect complement to your diet and your physical exercise, by itself it will NOT help you lose weight. Eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet will be essential to shed those extra pounds.

Other interesting health benefits of coconut water

But if coconut water stands out for something, it is not only for its ability to help us lose weight but, above all, for its many benefits that it brings to our health in general. It is a healthy and natural drink that improves the internal processes of our body making it work much better. Next we are going to list other benefits of coconut water that are important for you to know:

Ideal for cardiovascular health

Coconut water is rich in potassium, a perfect mineral to protect and take care of the health of our heart. It manages to regulate blood pressure and, also, improves blood flow by reducing bad cholesterol.

Helps detoxify the body

As it is water, this product is ideal for deeply cleaning our body, reducing the presence of toxins and reducing fluid retention, thus achieving a smoother skin without so much cellulite.

Improves digestions

This drink contains fiber, a perfect component to improve intestinal transit preventing conditions such as constipation. It also contains bioactive enzymes that improve the absorption of nutrients.

Perfect for preventing aging

It is rich in plant hormones known as “cytokinins”, a component that reduces cell oxidation as well as cell mutations, being ideal for preventing diseases such as cancer. The skin is also favored with coconut water because it is rich in antioxidants that are responsible for fighting free radicals and, therefore, preventing premature aging of our entire body, both its internal and external part.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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